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General History Tour
Learn why the town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and about Bermuda’s incredible four centuries of history, including stories about the American Revolutionary War, the American Civil War and Emancipation.

Walking Tour | 90 minutes

  • up to 4 ppl: $150 (flat rate)
  • 5+ ppl: $45/person

Resilience: Bermudians of African Descent
In 1616, Bermuda became the first English colony to use enslaved Africans, and slavery would continue on this island until Emancipation on August 1, 1834. This tour focuses on the stories of people of African descent. Walk-in their footsteps and learn of their rebellion, resistance, and resilience.

Walking Tour | 90 minutes

  • up to 4 ppl: $150 (flat rate)
  • 5+ ppl: $45/person

Walk + Ride Town Tour

It’s our General History Tour plus we’ll pop into stores and galleries to meet local entrepreneurs and artists, explore the beaches and forts along the coast, and soak up the charm and beauty of our 400 year old town.  Perfect for those who want a bit of everything! 

Walking + Electric Bicycle Tour  | 2.5 hours | + use of bicycle for the rest of the day

  • 2-4 ppl: $140/person 
  • 5-8 ppl: $115/person 

Food + History Tour

Our two faves!  Good eats and amazing stories. On this popular tour you’ll learn about the history of Bermuda AND enjoy food from St. George’s restaurants.  This tour can be either a 3-hour walking tour, centred in the town, or a 3.5 hour electric bicycle tour, which also includes a ride around the coast.

Walking Tour | 3 hours
  • 2-4ppl: $150/person
  • 5-8 ppl: $125/person 

Electric Bike | 3.5 hours | + use of bicycle for the rest of the day

  • 2-4 ppl: $190/person 
  • 5-8 ppl: $165/person 

Youth Bermuda History Experience

Our history tour has been redeveloped for younger ages. This interactive tour explores the town and tells important stories to engage and excite young minds.

Walking Tour | 1 hr 15 mins

  • up to 4 ppl: $125 flat rate 
  • 5+ppl: $35/person 

Scavenger Hunt

Earn points and learn about Bermuda’s history while racing around the town.

  • up to 15 ppl: $750 (teams of 2)
  • 16-25 ppl: $1000 (teams of 2 or 3)
  • 26-40: $1200 (teams of 3 or 4)


See the Bermuda History + Literature lectures/workshops we offer as part of the Brackish Pond Literary Collective.


Rent one of our vintage-style bicycles for only $30 a day. Perfect for exploring or just staging your own St. George’s photoshoot.


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