Hot N Saucy Hot Sauce

Hot n’ Saucy is your classic hot sauce, reimagined. Handmade in Harlem by well known NYC-based chef Sam Davis-Allonce in small batches with unique ingredients, this bright and colourful sauces give you the heat you want and need at no additive cost. Yep, it’s all sauce and all natural.

Three flavours (all in 5 oz bottles)

Garlic n Peperoncini: This is Sam’s  #1 Seller, with over 50k bottles sold.  Mild heat, great accompaniment with chicken, tacos, fish, eggs and a dip (to name a few!).

Beet and Fresno: Sweet plus heat! Medium spice level that pairs well with chicken, tacos and pork.

Sweet Potato and Habanero: Get a fiery kick of habaneros with this uniquely sweet potato flavored sauce. Pairs perfectly with chicken, shrimp and fish.

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