North Avenue Banned Book Candles

North Avenue Candles is a woman-owned + operated team– and each candle is handcrafted by life-long candle lovers in their Pittsburgh studio. They create each candle using old fashioned methods and premium ingredients, taking care that everything produced has an eco-friendly focus. Only the finest fragrance oils and natural waxes and wicks are used. Then they are hand-poured into small batches after meticulous testing to ensure that each candle is fragrant and clean burning.

North Ave specialises in clever candles for literature lovers! The Banned Books Collection is a line of candles with scents inspired by books that have historically faced various bans and challenges. Candle comes in beautiful glass jar with a gift box labeled with details of when/why/where each book was banned and/or challenged.

12oz jar
70+ hours burn time

  • The Colour Purple: Lavender + Lilac is a soft floral blend with a hint of chamomile.
  • Moby Dick: Sea Salty Air is a refreshing blend of ocean breeze, blue lotus, marine ozone, and cooling eucalyptus, with notes of briny sea botanicals and hints of citrus
  • Beloved: Blackberry Pie blends the scents of tart blackberry, hints of lemon zest, and basenotes of flaky pie crust
  • The Great Gatsby: Gin, Juniper + Daisy has top notes of juniper leaves blended with hints of tart green apple, rosemary, and subtle floral notes of daisy and jasmine; with herbaceous, earthy undertones
  • The Catcher in the Rye: Bourbon + Tobacco Flower has the warming, cozy scent of bourbon – caramel under tones and hints of vanilla – mixed with the sweet woodsy scent of tobacco flower and mahogany. It’s complex, a little moody, almost sophisticated but still a little playful, sweet with a touch of old-school masculinity.
  • Where the Wild Things Are: Sugared Citrus and Island Greens – sweetened grapefruit, lemon, and orange, hints of tropical fruit, and a touch of slightly exotic island greenery
  • Fahrenheit 451: Smoked Pine + Parchment is the scents of pine, balsam, bergamot, and smoky birch blended with base notes of antique sandalwood.



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