One Pot: Three Ways: Save Time with Vibrant, Versatile Vegan Recipes

Put flavor and flexibility at the heart of your kitchen with Rachel Ama’s One Pot: Three Ways.Rachel Ama is reframing vegan cooking by creating one main centerpiece dish that makes flavor-packed vegetables the worthy hero of every meal. With over 80 brand new recipes inspired by her Caribbean and African roots, Rachel offers three creative and flavorsome ways to serve and use each one-pot recipe.

Each one pot or pan centerpiece can be spun out over a few days, into three different and delicious options that give you the makings of a new feast using yesterday’s leftovers and a few new ingredients. With exciting and tasty ways to use each centerpiece, you’ll have dinner part-ready-and-waiting, making plant-based eating feel even more achievable every day. Scale portions up or down, decide which side is your favorite, cook all the options for a vegan feast with friends, or know you’ve got delicious meals for three days.

Transform one-tray Peri Peri Mushrooms into either: 

1. Peri Peri Pittas
2. Peri Peri Mushrooms with Potato Wedges & Slaw
3. Peri Peri Charred Sweetcorn Salad Bowls 

A sumptuous Winter Stew can be served with or turned into: 

1. Mashed Potatoes & Long-stem Broccoli
2. Rich Winter Ragu with Pappardelle
3. Winter Pie & Garlic Green Beans 

Rachel creates her recipes by moving through “stations” in the kitchen, weaving together fresh ingredients, pantry staples, and, most importantly, the ‘flavor station’, where she adds spices, dried herbs and those all-important sauces to really bring each dish to life – encouraging and enabling you to live a vegan lifestyle, simply.


About Rachel Ama 
Since launching her YouTube channel in September 2017, Rachel Ama has amassed a legion of followers who are all hungry for her simple, affordable and delicious vegan recipes and recommendations (and for her dance moves).Rachel Ama knows the London vegan scene inside-out, but she also looks abroad for flavor inspiration, and to both her Caribbean and African roots. Rachel grew up in North London with her Mum, who encouraged lots of veggies (there was no “treat drawer” in their house) and was really into holistic living and studied nutrition. Rachel very much brought vegan cooking home and would take staple Caribbean recipes (inspiration from her Sierra Leonean and St Lucian roots) and make vegan alternatives still packed with traditional spices and flavors. Rachel also has a grandma from Wales so was inspired to make some British classics vegan.

A self-confessed KFC addict as a teenager, she decided to go vegan four years ago and hasn’t looked back. As her passion for plants grew and grew, so did her interest in cooking – and her belief that vegan food need not compromise on taste or nutrition. Rachel traveled around South America after University and was inspired by how each country offered a completely different palette of flavors, confirming her love for food and cooking.

Rachel loves to exercise and dispels the belief that veganism gives you no energy – she loves boxing and trying out new exercises like Muay Thai. She lives in North London with her Cockapoo, Marlee.


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