Our Story: Children's History Tours

Our popular St. George’s tour has been redeveloped for children. This interactive tour will explore the town and tell stories to engage and excite young minds.  

During the 75 minute tour, children will learn about:

  • Bermuda’s discovery and settlement
  • State House, the oldest building in Bermuda, and St. Peter’s Church, the oldest Anglican church outside the British Isles
  • Important dates in Bermuda’s history
  • Key figures, including the first Black man to own a home in Bermuda, Pilot James Darrell

Participants will receive interactive worksheets, including a vocabulary list and scavenger hunt.  The tour departs from Ordnance Island (Deliverance Replica Ship) at 1pm and ends near Long Story Short on Water Street at 2.15pm.

$25 each

Children must be accompanied by an adult. | Suggested for ages 7-11. | Private tours available | Groups of 5+ receive 10% off.

Please note that this tour will talk about colonialism and enslavement.  Every care has been taken to ensure these topics are discussed in a manner that is sensitive and considerate of their age. 


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