Storyteller’s Card Game

Do you have the words to describe getting stuck in the fridge? An attention-seeking unicorn? A dangerously spicy sauce? Boost kids’ creative writing vocabulary with our hilarious new Storyteller’s Card Game!
Our Storyteller’s Card Game teaches kids rich, descriptive vocabulary to help them write brilliant stories.-Enjoyed by the whole family

-300 word cards, hilariously illustrated by our team of Hollywood artists

-200 story prompts to fire kids’ imaginations

-Developed with childhood literacy experts

-Guaranteed to make the whole family explode with laughter. May the best storyteller win!

Playing Storyteller’s Card Game is simple: players take turns to be the Master Storyteller. The Master Storyteller takes a Words For… card and reads it aloud. The other players each pick the word card in their hand that they think best fits the scenario. The Master Storyteller decides which word card is the best – whether it’s the funniest, scariest, or simply the most disgusting. Whoever put down the winning card gets to keep the story card. The first person to collect five story cards wins!

What are Storytelling Words?

The words in this game were chosen to help children write brilliant stories, excel at school and in life. Storyteller’s Card Game features 300 storytelling words, carefully curated into six themes – Character, Settings, Taste and Smell, Action, Emotion, and Weather. It was developed with childhood literacy experts and with word selection informed by cutting-edge machine learning


Mrs Wordsmith exists to take every child on an epic word learning adventure that will make them smarter. Let’s face it. The world has moved on, but word learning has not. The engagement gap between video games and schoolwork has grown a mile wide, leaving kids uninspired. If engaged, they could be learning harder, more relevant words – if only they were made to care. They could be explaining, writing, arguing, and singing as only kids can.We’re the new word learning experts, here to ignite the adventurous word learner inside every child.

Our data scientists choose the right word, regardless of age. We know when and how to teach a 6 year-old epic words like “discerning” – words that will make them better readers at any age. Both on paper and in digital, our team of award-winning Hollywood artists transport these words into the progressive, culturally diverse, and technologically advanced world children now live in. Epic words, taught in an epic way, making smarter kids!

Ages 8-12


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