Witchcraft for Daily Self-Care: Nourishing Rituals and Spells for a More Balanced Life

Infuse magic into self-care with restorative spells and remedies

Prepare to intertwine the vital energy of witchcraft with the healing power of self-care. This collection of spells and remedies lights the way, designed to nourish the mind and body every day. With each ritual, anyone can build an empowered self-care system anchored in the practice of magic.

Discover the ultimate witches’ self-care book with:

  • Witchcraft for the whole self-Each daily ritual focuses on a different facet of life, from romantic relationships to professional success, and explores how witchcraft inspires reflection, creativity, and mindfulness.
  • 90 enchanting rituals-Try out a Fluorite Crystal Meditation that clears the mind, a Detoxifying Body Brew that banishes energy blockages, a Happy Home Mist that invites good vibes into any living space, and more.
  • Inclusive guidance-Whether this book is the first foray into magic or just part of an existing practice, any witch can learn to tap into their power and master self-care.

Build a magical care routine and live a more balanced life with Witchcraft for Daily Self-Care.

MICHAEL HERKES, also known as “The Glam Witch,” has been a practicing modern witch for more than 20 years. He is a devotee to the goddess Lilith and focuses his practice on crystals, glamour, love, and moon magic. Michael is the author of The GLAM Witch and The Complete Book of Moon Spells, as well as a contributing writer and graphic designer for Witch Way Magazine. Learn more at www.theglamwitch.com.


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