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Join Kristin for her popular walking tour and discover the history of Bermuda! Explore the Town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you’ll see centuries-old buildings, learn about local entrepreneurs and artists, and soak up the charm and beauty of our 400 year old town. 

This tour includes sites along the African Diaspora Heritage Trail, stories from the oldest neighbourhood in St. George’s, and a visit to St. Peter’s Church and Cemetery, the oldest Anglican church outside the British Isles.

Wednesdays and Thursdays, 12.30-2pm.
$55 / adults $45 / seniors 65+ & children 12-14



Let’s get off the beaten path! Discover the beaches and forts along St. George’s beautiful coast.  Sites visited include the Unfinished Church, Fort St. Catherine and Tobacco Bay. Bring your swimming gear, and a sense of adventure!

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Book a private tour! Private tours are offered in:

St. George’s:  Established in 1612, the charming Town of St. George was Bermuda’s first capital and received a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation in the year 2000. Our walking and electric bicycle tours explore centuries old buildings and forts, winding cobble-stoned streets, unique shopping (like our store), plus great restaurants and beaches. Experience the best of St. George’s with us. 

City of Hamilton: The walking tour in Bermuda’s capital visits public art sites to explore social justice movements and acts of resistance throughout Bermuda’s history. Learn about the history of civil rights groups including The Progressive Group and the Black Beret Cadre, and how they laid the foundation for today’s social justice movements.

St. David’s: Discover St. David’s Island, an island ‘near Bermuda’ with our electric bike tour. Learn about the unique history of this incredible community, pop by centuries-old Carter House and visit the breathtaking beaches of Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve.

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