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It is hard to imagine being excited about leaving Bermuda's heralded pink-sand beaches. Until you meet Kristin White. Or climb the steep stairs to the 17th-century Old State House... This is the intoxicating call of history on an island famed for romance, but which goes far beyond the honeymoon. And the most resonant place to fall into that embrace is in the tiny, fascinating township of St. George. And in the company of Kristin.

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Special Halloween Haunted History

October 28 and 29 at 8.30pm


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Join us for special Halloween Tours!

Haunted History is a walking tour like no other in the beautiful Town of St. George’s, Bermuda. St. George’s is part of Bermuda’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, a town with over four incredible centuries of history. As our story-teller guides you through the winding alleys and lanes of our towne, you’ll learn of our famous residents from days of olde. But beware – your footsteps may just awake those who slumber beneath the ground.

And during the spookiest week of the year, our tours will have extra tricks and special treats!

Tours depart from Long Story Short. at 8.30pm and are approximately 75-90 minutes.



Private St. George's Tours & Experiences

Based on Availability

Due to Covid-19, we are currently offering Private St. George’s Tours ONLY (minimum of 2 people).  Choose a theme, length, walking or bicycle, and whether you want to add food!

General History Tour
Learn why the town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and about Bermuda’s incredible four centuries of history, including stories about the American Revolutionary War, the American Civil War and Emancipation.

Resilience: Bermudians of African Descent
In 1616, Bermuda became the first English colony to use enslaved Africans, and slavery would continue on this island until Emancipation on August 1, 1834. This tour focuses on the stories of people of African descent. Walk-in their footsteps and learn of their rebellion, resistance, and resilience.

1 Hr Walking Tour: $35/person

2 Hr Walking Tour: $65/person

2 Hr Bicycle Tour: $75/person

3 Hr Food + History Tour (Walking or Bicycle): $150/person

Group 10% discount for groups 5+ people

Other Unique Experiences

We also offer history scavenger hunts, and curate full day experiences and staycations alongside other East End offerings.

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Bicycle Rentals

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Explore St. George’s on your own!  Rent one of our vintage bicycles for only $30 per day.


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