About Us.

Long Story Short. is a gift store and tour centre in the cutest town in the Atlantic: St. George’s, Bermuda. 

Owner, award-winning Bermudian blogger and entrepreneur Kristin Whiteoffers top-rated walking and electric bicycle tours and experiences that celebrate our island home.   

And she thoughtfully curates the shelves with a focus on social progress, the African Diaspora, women, and environmental sustainability. You’ll find books by women of color, gifts from social enterprises, planet-friendly jewelry and housewares, vintage bicycle rentals, and custom hula hoops.  Long Story Short is also the home of award-winning local artisan skincare line, Salt Spray Soap Co, with a workshop right in the store.

We are story-tellers, tree-huggers, proud feminists, LGBTQ+ allies, and wear the ‘social justice warrior’ badge proudly.

Meet Kristin

For over fifteen years, Kristin has been a community organiser, nonprofit leader, entrepreneur and activist. Thousands have heard her speak at local and international events on ‘The Power of Storytelling’, and ‘Living the Life of Your Dreams.’ Her unique, unfiltered, perspectives on women’s issues, social justice and community development are often highlighted in the media. In 2018, she became a co-host of television talk show, ‘The T’.

As a popular blogger (kristindotcom.com) and influencer, Kristin’s posts receive several hundred engagements every week. She is the founder and administrator of the Black Girl Magic Bermuda Facebook Group, which has over 1000 members and provides a platform for encouragement and discussion amongst Black Bermudian women.

Kristin has been featured in numerous publications, including Afar Magazine, Travel + Leisure, and USA Today.  She received the 2018 Best of Bermuda Award for Best Blogger and was one of 2017’s 10 Most Fascinating People.