Awakening Intuition: Oracle Deck and Guidebook (Intuition Card Deck)

Intuition is a powerful tool that everyone has the ability to activate. The sixth sense is an innate and important aspect of your natural navigational system, meant to help guide you throughout life. The Awakening Intuition: Oracle Deck and Guidebook empowers you to trust and hone your intuitive gifts for greater insight into your past and present as well as possibilities for your future.

Author Tanya Carroll Richardson, a professional intuitive who has given thousands of readings to clients worldwide, provides an essential toolkit for both seasoned psychic practitioners and beginners to intuition. Each card includes quotes, prompts, and reflections, so improving intuition can become an enjoyable, organic part of your daily routine. Tune in and connect to your inner wisdom.

Each deluxe card deck includes:
-64 unique illustrated cards, featuring quotes, prompts, and inspiration for honing your intuitive talents.
-144-page accompanying guidebook with an expanded meaning and action steps for each card.
-A stunning keepsake box, to protect and display your cards for years to come.

An Essential Toolkit: A deluxe card deck, perfect for both seasoned psychic practitioners and beginners to intuition

Strengthen Your Relationships: Developing a keener sense of awareness via your sixth sense leads to more fulfilling relationships with yourself and those around you. As you become better at quickly tuning into your surroundings with your intuition, you’ll find it easier to pick up on the unspoken feelings and thoughts of others and easier to navigate the collective energy of groups

Center Yourself In today’s fast-paced, complex world, connecting to your intuition encourages you to slow down and be more present in the moment. Understanding how your intuition works can also help you avoid taking on the energy and emotions of others.

Reduce Decision Fatique: Intuition relies on tuning in to a deeper wisdom and paying attention to signs around you. When you’ve honed your intuition, you may find yourself able to make decisions with more speed and confidence

Recharge and Revive Your Skills Richardson highlights the importance of self-care and healthy psychic boundaries, giving helpful suggestions for avoiding burnout and overstimulation as a sensitive person


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