Black Girls Pole Private Tour

An Evening in St. George’s
Tuesday, July 26, 5pm onwards
Join Bermudian entrepreneur and writer, Kristin White, in The Town of St. George, an over 400 year old town and Bermuda’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. First, meet at her store, Long Story Short for a welcome toast!  Then, you’ll have a cultural tour that focuses on the stories of people of African descent.  In 1616, Bermuda became the first English colony to use enslaved Africans, and slavery would continue on this island until Emancipation on August 1, 1834. As we explore St. George’s, you’ll walk in their footsteps and hear stories of their resistance and resilience.
After the tour, head to black-owned restaurant, White Horse Restaurant & Pub, right in the heart of town. Enjoy drinks and a 2 course dinner right on the waterfront before heading back to the hotel.
Tour: 5.00 – 7.00
Dinner + Drinks: 7-9.30
Cost: $115/person.


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