Black Women Writers at Work

A critical collection of conversations with Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Gayl Jones and other Black women writers that changed the scope of Black literature in the 20th century and beyond.

“This is a gorgeous and essential collection of writings from a group of the most important Black women writers. I have turned to repeatedly over the past thirty years and I’m thrilled that Haymarket has republished it for another generation to treasure.”
–Imani Perry, author of Looking for Lorraine

“[A] rare, rich source books for writers, readers, teachers,
students–all who care about literature and the creation of it… This
collection transcends its genre. It becomes a harbinger book, a book of
revelation, of haunting challenge, opening on to central concerns not
only of writing, but of life, of living, today.”
–Tillie Olson, from the

Claudia Tate (1947-2002) was a professor of English and African-American
studies at Princeton University, known for her innovative contributions
to African-American literary criticism. Black Women Writers at Work was Tate’s first book.



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