Grumpy Monkey Party Time! Puzzle: A 50-Piece Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle

A 50-piece jigsaw puzzle shaped like the scowling face of Jim Panzee, the chimpanzee from the #1 New York Times bestselling picture book Grumpy Monkey.

Kids will love piecing together the iconic scowling face of Jim Panzee the chimpanzee (aka Grumpy Monkey) for a bit of wholesome play time. The Grumpy Monkey children’s books tell children that it’s okay to feel their feelings (while being careful not to hurt others in the process!). If your kiddo, much like Jim Panzee, just needs a day to be grumpy, maybe this puzzle–with a finished size of 14 x 19–is exactly what they need. It might even turn their frown upside down.


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