Kalinago Blood

Captain Thomas Warner is an English adventurer. He and his crew find themselves stranded on the shores of St. Kitts, where they make the acquaintance of the local tribe, the Kalinago. Relations seem peaceful enough at first, but Warner is soon warned by a Kalinago captive by the name of Barbe that he and his crew are in danger. The Kalinago plan to attack the British crew and kill them all; however, Warner makes a preemptive strike and destroys the natives, taking the beautiful Igneri into his home. Eventually, they have a son, but the past violence of Warner’s actions robs his family of any peace. Racial animosity and greed shatter Warner’s blissful romance. The Kalinago blood survives in Warner’s illegitimate son, and so does his guilt in the blood-stained hands of his younger lawful son. In the end, brother is pitted against brother in a conflict that wipes out an entire native tribe. Told through the eyes of Barbe decades later, this is a tale of love, betrayal and the death of an innocent people. Warner may once have had good intentions, but blood coats his hands-and the hands of those who would come after him.


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