Love This F*cking Journey for Me: A Self-Discovery Journal to Grow Through the Bullsh*t, Ditch the Seeds of Doubt, and Celebrate Your Damn Self

A self-discovery journal for inspiration, growth, and celebrating your own f*cking brilliance!

Do you know who you are? No, truly, do you know yourself down to your very roots? Where you’re going from here? Who you’re meant to be? Why the f*ck not?! Celebrating yourself isn’t selfish. It isn’t self-indulgent or arrogant–it’s empowering as hell! We’ve all been in situations where our impostor syndrome tells us we’re not good enough, where others define us, where we’re not sure where we’re going on our own path. No more! It’s time to reflect and reconnect with our own inner bad*ssery.

D.A. Sarac is a fiction editor, author, and playwright. Works include Dream Big, Princess; The Newest Avenger; (Your Child) Saves the Day, and My Monster Friends and Me available from PutMeInTheStory and Sourcebooks. Her all-time favorite gig is being a mom to a beautiful, witty, and talented daughter. You can find her wearing a Radiant hat and alphabetizing newly learned curse words at


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