North Ave Candle: Amethyst, Lavender + Chamomile

Each Divination + Crystal Candle is hand-poured with hand-placed gems and botanicals. No two crystal candles are the same amethyst is a meditative and calming stone said to help with patience, peacefulness, and emotional balance. Lavender & Chamomile- a soft, relaxing blend of fresh French lavender and herbaceous chamomile
topped with raw amethyst points, dried lavender buds, biodegradable purple mica, and amethyst chips.

Before lighting, remove gems from top of candle and place somewhere special.

North Avenue Candles is a woman-owned + operated team– and each candle is handcrafted by life-long candle lovers in their Pittsburgh studio. They create each candle using old fashioned methods and premium ingredients, taking care that everything produced has an eco-friendly focus. Only the finest fragrance oils and natural waxes and wicks are used. Then they are hand-poured into small batches after meticulous testing to ensure that each candle is fragrant and clean burning.

12 oz | 70 burn hours



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