North Avenue Match Stick Vials

These practical and charming little beauties will keep your space cozy and inviting while looking oh-so-cute on your mantle or coffee table. Each vial is decorated with a whimsical design, contains 18 match sticks, and comes with striker paper on the bottom.  The wooden topper keeps the matches secure, ensuring that they’re always ready to light up your favorite candle or fireplace.   Once you’ve used all of the matches, fill it with more matches, or use the container for another purpose.

These little match vials are perfect for gifting to someone special or treating yourself to a little luxury.


  • “Your Dreams are Valid” label art features the words of  Lupita Nyong’o, black, green, and mint matches
  • “GET LIT” label art features lightning bugs yellow, green, and black matches
  • “She Burned Too Bright for this World” label art features the words of Emily Brontë, navy blue matches

2.3″ tall x .85″ diameter
18 matches each


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