North Ave Candle: Smoky Quartz + Smoked Absinthe

Each Divination + Crystal Candle is hand-poured with hand-placed gems and botanicals. No two crystal candles are the same. Smoky quartz is the stone of grounding, said to promote calmness, serenity, and stability. Smoked Absinthe – woodsy, spicy, bold. The scents of star anise, absinthe, and smouldering cedar wood.  Crystal candle is topped with a smoky quartz point, smoky quartz chips, mica, and pressed black baby’s breath.

Before lighting, remove gems from top of candle and place somewhere special.

North Avenue Candles is a woman-owned + operated team– and each candle is handcrafted by life-long candle lovers in their Pittsburgh studio. They create each candle using old fashioned methods and premium ingredients, taking care that everything produced has an eco-friendly focus. Only the finest fragrance oils and natural waxes and wicks are used. Then they are hand-poured into small batches after meticulous testing to ensure that each candle is fragrant and clean burning.

12 oz | 70 burn hours



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