OjO Dino Age Journey

Dino Age Journey is a unique educational board game for kids. Play the Dino Age Journey game to become Dino-Detectives and discover fossils! Travel back in time to learn about paleontology, the tools used by real archaeologists and Carbon Dating (the method of calculating a fossil’s real age).

WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Dino Age Journey comes with everything you need to feel like a real Paleontologist; Go on an expedition back in time to discover fossils and dino-facts; collect them for display in your museum. Includes board game, dice and playing pieces.

WHY CHOOSE THIS STEM GAME: To see your child tackle the challenging subject of Paleontology and Archaeology … with ease! OjO’s STEM board games take tricky topics and make them accessible and fun with exciting, engaging and colourful learning toys. By approaching STEM topics at an early age with OjO’s educational toys, your child can develop future skills & become a future innovator… all within play time!

WHAT AGE IS THIS FOR?: This game is for boys and girls ages 5 to 10. Get to grips with a difficult topic early; Dino Age Journey is one of the ONLY Archaeology games for the early years! This STEM learning game can be used to improve confidence in any boy or girl interested in getting a little taste for what it feels like to be a dinosaur specialist, discovering fossils and learning about incredible creatures from millions of years ago!.

WHAT THEY WILL LEARN: Learn complex concepts for young children – like Carbon dating is a complex process, as is the actual discovery and preservation of ancient specimens. Simplify these concepts for your child with the fun Dino Age Journey game.

HOW TO PLAY Feed your little one’s fascination with beasts of the past; introduce them to archaeology techniques and tools, while they collect fossils to display in their museum. Choose a character and begin your journey along the route. 1. Roll the dice to take turns. 2. Stop at the various stations along the way of which there are 3 kinds: – Green stations for missions about dinosaurs, – Orange stations to find the right archaeology tool, – Blue stations to calculate the age of a dinosaur using ‘carbon dating’, 4. The player who finds the right information keeps the tile and places it on their museum card. 5. All players complete the journey from start to finish and at the end, all present the collections they have gathered in their museums.


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