Ojo DNA Factory Science & Biology Board Game

Simplify complex science with our unique DNA Factory Game. This Science Game for kids offers a creative way to introduce the concept of genetics to your child. Build your own hybrid animal and learn about DNA’s secret formula! Learn about DNA, what it is and how it works. Collect body parts and piece together wacky new creatures!

WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Game board, card deck, playing pieces and catapult launcher + Velcro ball. The first player chooses a card from either the Head, Body, or Feet decks, and reads it carefully. The player then prepares to shoot the ball from the catapult, to their selected body section. If the launch lands successfully, the player collects the card for their selected body part. The game moves to the next player, with everyone taking turns to try and collect different body parts.

WHY CHOOSE THIS STEM GAME: DNA has developed over billions of years, passing from generation to generation – introduce kids to this important scientific code.

For Ages 5-10


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