OjO Robot Workshop Robotics and Engineering Board Game

The Robot Workshop game offers a simple and fun way to learn about Robotics systems and design features. Inspired by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, children complete missions by working out which components to use when ‘building’ the ideal robot for the mission. The learning game is appropriate for ages 5 to 10

✅ WHAT’S IN THE BOX: All you need to create countless combinations of robots… can you design the perfect one for the space mission at hand? Use your problem solving & design skills to choose the perfect robot parts for the task. All inspired by the Mars Rover so you can make your OWN amazing space robots whilst learning STEM skills!

✅ WHY CHOOSE THIS STEM GAME: For your child to develop design & engineering thinking skills with this exciting board game backed by Purdue Engineering University. OjO’s STEM toys take tricky topics and make them accessible and fun with exciting, engaging, kid approved colourful games! By approaching educational STEM topics at an early age, your child can learn future skills & become a future innovator… all within play time!

✅ WHAT AGE IS THIS FOR?: This game is perfect for a wide age range for kids age 5 and up. Families love to play this game together as you can play against each other, or play as robot designing teams to include younger & older children. The perfect present for any robot obsessed boy or girl!

✅ WHAT THEY WILL LEARN: Robots help us already with SO many different tasks… but we will need more robotics experts in the future. Help your child develop design thinking, problem solving and creative thinking, learning all they need to be a successful designer in the future.

✅ TRY A NEW STEM TOPIC: Are your children robot obsessed? Maybe they need to work on their creative side. OjO STEM games are a starting point for kids aged 4-9 to explore plenty of different STEM topics and build the skills needed to excel in later life. The colourful range of board games and toys are perfect for gifts, supplemental homeschooling / home learning or weekend games nights!


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