Body Oil: Salt Spray Soap Co

This silky concoction will provide enough slip for a quality massage while delighting your skin with antioxidant rich oil and your senses with your favourite scent. Add it to your bath, or apply it to damp skin out of the shower.
NOTE:  If you are ordering ONLY Salt Spray Soap products or if you wish to have these products shipped internationally, please shop directly on!
The oils come in SIX Bermudaful scents
  • Shipwrecked: Coconut + Lemongrass
  • Beach Blues: Frangipani + Melon
  • Pink Colada: Pineapple + Coconut
  • Sunrise Mimosa: Champagne + Orange
  • Skinny Dipper: Lavender + Vanilla
  • Sweet Breezes: Pear + Lily of the Valley


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