Is it better to live a life of happy lies or bring all the secrets to life,” wonders seventeen-year-old Josephine Hutchings as she writes in her journal. In 1824, she’s the “belle” of Bermuda’s society. She’s young, beautiful, and engaged to be married. Until she meets Thomas Driver, the visiting British artist, and her innocent world of ballgowns and tea parties is irrevocably turned upside down.

Decades later, in 1994, Josie Amelia Baker returns home to scatter her grandmother’s ashes. Having missed the funeral, she hopes to make it a quick visit but finds a box containing journals written by her great-great-grandmother, Josephine Hutchings. Inside the first journal is a cryptic note from Josie’s grandmother asking her to “make amends.”

Reading the journals changes Josie’s perspective. Josephine Hutching’s words reveal a far from perfect family, a family with secrets. Hiding secrets of her own, Josie immerses herself in her great-great-grandmother’s 1824 world of soirees and gossip, until a personal tragedy forces her to set the journals aside and focus on issues she’s been avoiding.

Set against the backdrop of Bermuda, Sarys is a novel of love, lies, murder and a 170-year-old family secret. The dual narrative of Josie Amelia Baker in 1994 is intertwined with the words written in her great-great-grandmother’s 1824 journals. While Josephine Hutchings’ life in 1824 is unraveling, Josie Amelia Baker in 1994, is forced to confront unexpected truths – about herself, her family, and the heritage she thought she knew.

Alicia Ann Louise Resnik is a writer, researcher and small business owner. She has written for Bermuda Parent magazine, Inspire and Inspire Women magazines, and has worked in all aspects of magazine and newspaper publishing. Alicia also helped research historic properties for the Bermuda National Trust’s Architectural Heritage Series of books.


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