Salt Spray Soap Co: Salt Scrub

Salt Spray Soap’s Salt Scrubs rejuvenate the body and reveal the sun kissed glow. Reveal baby soft skin. Your skin will thank you! Our formula is an emulsified blend, so that when the water touches it, it turns into a lotion. Your skin sheds approximately every 28 days, using our scrub helps to promote soft skin and an even skin tone. Use the scrubs while dry in the shower, rinse off, soap up, then follow (after drying off) with our body butter to further promote healthy, moisturized skin.
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The scrubs come in SIX Bermudaful scents
  • Shipwrecked: Coconut + Lemongrass
  • Beach Blues: Frangipani + Melon
  • Pink Colada: Pineapple + Coconut
  • Sunrise Mimosa: Champagne + Orange
  • Skinny Dipper: Lavender + Vanilla
  • Sweet Breezes: Pear + Lily of the Valley


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