Star Spinner Tarot: Inclusive, Diverse, LGBTQ Deck of Tarot Cards, Modern Version of Classic Tarot Mysticism

Let the stars light your way . . .

Enter a world where fairies play, mermaids yearn, and threads of the familiar and fantastic are spun together to guide you on your own personal journey. Featuring beloved indie comic artist Trungles’ enchanting illustrative style, the Star Spinner Tarot reinterprets classic tarot imagery for a more inclusive and diverse reflection of the modern world, with illustrations drawn from a wide range of stories, mythology, and fairy tales.

– Contents: 81 full-color cards and a 160-page guide book
– A great gift for tarot collectors and enthusiasts, or anyone seeking guidance and personal growth
– Perfect for anyone seeking a modern, diverse, inclusive, or LGBTQ+ way to explore the tarot
– Traditional tarot decks are 78 cards; this set contains 81 cards, including multiple Lovers cards to reflect a range of romantic expression

Trungles (Trung Le Nguyen) is a Vietnamese American comic book artist and illustrator. His work explores diaspora stories, LGBTQ+ themes, and the role of fairy tales in the popular imagination. He has contributed work for Oni Press, Boom! Studios, Limerence Press, and Image Comics, as well as the blog The Nerds of Color and the podcast Asian America.

Review Quotes:

“These cards make you feel like you’re taking an adventure into a magical world of fairies and mysteries” – Hello Giggles
“An eye-opening tarot deck…It gets bonus points for featuring inclusive and diverse art.”- Cosmopolitan

“This deck is a marvel. It’s beautiful to look at, nice to hold and shuffle, and honest to read from, like a friend who tells it like it is but helps you to feel positive about it. The symbolism is thoughtful, the representation makes me feel included, and readings with it convey a clear message. I feel like this deck has an ability to honestly acknowledge when things are tough while still ultimately delivering a feeling of positivity, which makes it a very pleasant tool to use. I think the Star Spinner Tarot’s meaningful artistry will make it a favorite for many readers for a long time to come.” -Women Write About Comics


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