Sunflower Sisters

Amrita and Kiki are best friends and sunflower sisters. Amrita’s older sister is getting married, but when the elder relatives arrive, they start dispensing some old-fashioned and dubious advice. Luckily, Amrita’s mother has a lesson or two to teach about that! With the support and empowerment of their moms, the sunflower sisters are two strong, confident girls—one South Asian the other Nigerian—finding joy in their own skin.

A heartwarming celebration of all skin shades, from sun-browned to autumn-leaf-gold!

Debut author Monika Singh Gangotra won The Big Family Cooking Showdown in 2017 (BBC2 & Netflix) and has a content focus on family and South Asian culture. Born to Indian parents, she grew up in New South Wales and now lives in Birmingham with her husband and children, and has experienced colourism, to varying degrees, all her life. She is a trained psychologist, studying identity as part of her Honours thesis, with a doctorate in stress. With this new book series for children, Monika is combining her professional and personal experiences to contribute to a positive social movement tackling colourism across black and brown communities everywhere.


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