Super Sapiens 3-in-1 Card Game

Super Sapiens consists of 54 playing cards that can be used to play 3 classic games: Snap, Memory and Guess Who?

It’s fun for everyone aged from 3 to 103!
The game comes with:

  • The Super Sapiens cards: 12 matching sets of 4 illustrated cards with a short bio of the women of the world.
  • Cultivating Superpowers cards: A matching set of 4 cards on how to cultivate self- care and self-love.
  • What makes a Super Sapien? card: 1 card encouraging kids to be kind and dismantle oppressive systems.
  • Map of the world: 1 map of the world card to show where in the world these Super Sapiens are from.
  • Personalised cards: 2 DIY cards for each child to draw a self-portrait or their very own Super Sapiens!
  • Instruction cards: Full instructions on how to play Snap, Memory, and Guess Who!

Featured Super Sapiens include:
Ada Lovelace, Cathy Freeman, Dr Wangari Maathai, Ellen Ochoa, Fatima Al-Fihri, Gulabi Gang, Helen Keller, Maggie Lena Walker, Marianne Cohn, Marie Curie, Mary Prince, Ng Mui


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