The Manifesting Wordsearch Book: Over 150 Puzzles

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This delightful puzzle book includes over 150 wordsearches with positive affirmations and uplifting themes to imbue your life with hope and joy.

Manifesting is a powerful and empowering tool which helps us to make our dreams come true and be the masters of our destinies, using the power of our minds. By focusing on positive thoughts, and creating around us a state of happiness and abundance, we can attract more uplifting experiences and joy into our world. This delightful collection contains wordsearches based on the positive affirmations we can repeat to ourselves to help to create this positive mindset, as well as puzzles on topics that are intended to inspire positivity and joy.

Interspersed with the puzzles are informative pages on how to use manifesting, and the book includes a full set of the solutions at the back.

– INSPIRING AFFIRMATIONS: The puzzles based on uplifting affirmations create an uplifting and positive experience.
– DE-STRESS: Solving wordsearches is hugely satisfying and helps us to let go of stress.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Sirius Mindfulness Puzzles taps into the mindfulness benefits of puzzle-solving, using calming and uplifting themes which help bring your mind away from daily stresses and focus on the satisfying puzzle at hand.


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