The Unofficial Wheel of Time Coloring Book: From the Two Rivers to the White Tower, Color Your Way Through the World of the Wheel

Explore all the shades of the lush world of the bestselling fantasy series The Wheel of Time, now a show on Amazon Prime, with this beautiful coloring book.
Enter the world of The Wheel of Time with this brand-new coloring book. Featuring 45 scenes inspired by the hit Amazon series based on the bestselling high fantasy novels, this coloring book takes you into the high stakes battle to defend the world against the Dark One. With scenes of battle, adventure, and magic, you will bring to life the world of the Trollocs, the Aes Sedai, the One Power, and the Reborn Dragon in full color.
Tayla Blaire is a freelance lifestyle writer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has been reading The Wheel of Time since she was in ninth grade, rereading the fifteen-book series often. She has written about the Wheel of Time TV series for Refinery29 and BuzzFeed, and recently wrote an essay for Oh Reader about how she met her Canadian husband, Chris, through the book series. She is an avid fan of the show adaptation and views it as “another turning of the wheel.”?
Stephen Barnwell has been an artist and illustrator for over forty years. His work has appeared in numerous books, magazines, websites, gaming products, and films. Two of his eight books were named Best Books of the Year by Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly. Stephen’s fine art prints have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States and Europe. Many of Stephen’s other works can be found in private collections around the globe. His online gallery can be found at


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