They Called Him ‘Roose’: Pauulu Kamarakafego and the Making of A Bermudian Revolutionary

Penned by educator and author Colwyn Burchall, Jr., “They Called Him ‘Roose’: Pauulu Kamarakafego and the Making of a Bermudian Revolutionary” is a well-written and visually arresting book that tells the incredible story of Pauulu Kamarakafego – the hell-raising firebrand and revolutionary catalyst whose relentless activism on behalf of ‘The Wretched of the Earth’ helped to spark liberation movements across the globe.

Burchall’s careful retelling gives the reader a bird’s eye view into the motivations that drove this little-known, Bermuda-born Pan-Africanist and pioneering scientist to amass a breathtaking record of achievements that permanently and positively transformed the socio-political landscape in Africa, the Americas and the South Pacific.

“They Called Him ‘Roose'” is both entertaining and educational and deserves to be read by all who seek to better understand how our collective present has been shaped by the struggles, victories, concessions and defeats of the past.



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