UMAMI Spices

Created by Bermudian ‘chef it up at home’ and spice enthusiast, (and Long Story Short owner Kristin’s sister!) Rinelle Elizabeth, these spice blends help create incredibly flavourful and yummy meals.

  • The Steakhouse is all you need for beef!  There is nothing else to say!
  • It’s Jerk!  Can you say allspice and peppers tempered with a little sweetness?
  • The MiddleEastern combines classic Middle Eastern spices which can be used as a seasoning or a rub for lamb.  As with ALL of our spices, you should definitely experiment with this spice and try it on vegetables and beans or as part of a curry.
  • The Everything Spice – is UMAMI’s version of an all-purpose spice but better!  The secret ingredient is garlic, but let’s keep that to ourselves.  The Everything Spice adds gourmet(esque) flavor to literally everything.  Sprinkle on beef, lamb, salmon and other fish, vegetables, beans and potatoes.  Or anything else!
  • The Herbed Turkey – is UMAMI’s herbiest spice blend thus far and it is delicious!  Don’t be fooled by the name, this blend of rosemary, thyme, sage, garlic and onion is sure to liven up vegetables, beans, rice dishes and yes, meat.
  • The Hot Mexican is UMAMI’S blend of chipotle, cumin, onion and garlic.   Use on beans, try in hummus, with vegetables (chilli rubbed corn or even cauliflower), meat, poultry and fish for sure!  Can you say Mexican rice, salsa or tacos?!  There are no limits to your creative options.
  • Umami-Q is Umami’s latest spice creation and is nothing short of pure deliciousness.  They’ve combined the sweetness of Hungarian Paprika with 7 herbs and spices to create a blend that is extraordinary on and off the grill.
  • Nuthin’ But Spices is the salt free blend that will change the way you think about salt-free blends!UMAMI combines lots of onion, garlic and chives with spices and black pepper to give you a blend that is full of flavor and very versatile. Sprinkle on vegetables, fish, meat and poultry.
  • Ginger Cumin Salt – Ginger is a magical ingredient with amazing flavor and texture that goes well with almost everything.  Paired with the earthy, nutty, smoky flavor of cumin.  Use in curries, chili, lentils, Mexican and Middle Eastern cuisine.   Sprinkle on tomatoes and fruits, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and the list goes on…
  • The Stardust Spice is UMAMI’s savory blend of star anise, ginger and garlic.  Sprinkle The Stardust Spice generously on chicken, pork and salmon and cook as usual. It can also be used on sweet potatoes and butternut squash.


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