Weekly Storytelling Tour

St. George’s Weekly Storytelling Tour

Join us on Tuesday mornings for a history tour.  The theme changes every month (cuz we like to switch it up!) but every tour explores Bermuda’s unique culture and tells stories of impactful people that shaped our history.

All tours depart from Long Story Short at 10am.

See the themes and prices below.

June:  Heroes in History

In June, we celebrate National Heroes Day! So this month, our tour will tell the stories of some heroes (and villains!) in Bermuda History.  

Walking Tour | 1 hr | $35

July: Cup Match and Emancipation

In a version of the special Cup Match tour offered in 2019, this electric bike tour will discuss the history of enslavement on the island, the key events leading up to Emancipation, and an overview of our summer Cup Match Emancipation celebration. (Includes a ride out to St. George’s Cricket Club, the site of the 2021 Cup Match Classic.) 

Electric Bicycle Tour | 2 hrs |  $110 (includes bicycle for additional 2 hours)

August: Instagram Tour 

Of course, in Bermuda there’s a gorgeous photo taking spot around every corner. But only in St. George’s do you find beautiful brick roads, gorgeous gates and doors, stone walls, cliffsides, and beaches – all within a few miles. We’ll show you the best picture-taking spots, and ensure you get the perfect shot – all while telling stories about Bermuda’s history!

Electric Bicycle Tour | 2 hrs | $110  (includes bicycle for additional 2 hours)

September:  Resilience Tour 

In 1616, Bermuda became the first English colony to use enslaved Africans, and slavery would continue on this island until Emancipation on August 1, 1834. This tour focuses on the stories of people of African descent. Walk-in their footsteps and learn of their rebellion, resistance, and resilience.

Walking Tour | 90 minutes | $45

October: Bermuda’s Literary Heritage

On October 1, 2018, Google acknowledged Bermuda National Hero Mary Prince with her own Google Doodle.  The October tour focus on the stories of author and abolitionist Mary Prince, and other literary figures, including St. George Tucker, Thomas Moore, Brian Burland and Nellie Musson.  Details TBD.


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