(White) Mary Prince T-Shirt

“I was born at Brackish Pond in Bermuda.”
Abolitionist and author Mary Prince was born into slavery in around 1785, and was enslaved by a series of cruel and violent people throughout her lifetime. Her biography, ‘The History of Mary Prince’ published in 1831 and was the first narrative about a Black woman to be published in Britain. It had to be reprinted 3 times in the first year. 
 “This is slavery, I tell it to let the English people know the truth.”
‘The History of Mary Prince” had a massive influence on public sentiment, and helped to drive abolition movements.  It is an extraordinarily important literary work that shed light on the horrors of enslavement. 

“I still live in the hope that God will find a way to give me my liberty. 
I feel great sorrow when I hear some people in this country say that the slaves do not want to be free. They put a cloak about the truth. We want to be free. To be free is very sweet.” 

In 2020, Bermuda became the first country to have a national holiday named after a Black woman. Mary Prince Day was celebrated as the second day of Cup Match, as part of our Emancipation celebrations.

Wear this shirt to celebrate Mary Prince’s life and legacy.

Youth Sizes
xs : 4-5
s : 6-7
m : 8
l : 10-12
Made of 40% recycled materials.
Model is wearing Adult Small


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