Year of You for Creatives: 365 Journal-Writing Prompts for Doing Your Best Creative Work

Deepen your creative identity and build a foundation for your best work in just a few minutes each day.

As a creative, you probably spend a lot of time in your work, but how often do you take a step back to reflect on your work?

In The Year of You for Creatives, you’ll discover more about your creative identity, your motivation, your habits and routines, and the things that make your work work. Inside, you’ll find 365 daily journaling prompts that guide you through different elements of your creative work so you can build a strong foundation, improve your craft, and develop a practice that works for you. Every month, you’ll explore an important aspect of your creativity:

  •  January: Creative Identity
  • February: Health and Self-Care
  • March: Working Environment
  • April: Time and Energy
  • May: Community and Support
  • June: Daily Routine
  • July: Mindset
  • August: The Past
  • September: Growth and Learning
  • October: Money
  • November: Life Outside Your Creative Work
  • December: Reflection and Planning

Wherever you are on your creative journey and whatever your previous experience with journaling, this book offers a wealth of inspiration that will deepen your understanding of yourself and your creative work.


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